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This is the website of the Universal Design Research Group in the School of Computing, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Universal Design is a philosophy which guides designers to consider all users when designing any product or service, and to provide all users with identical use whenever possible, or at the very least equal use.

The philosophy is made concrete through the Seven Principles of Universal Design, compiled by researchers at North Carolina State University.

Though initially linked closely to the fields of architecture, the built environment, ergonomics and product design, the philosophy of Universal Design has now gained relevance across a much broader set of domains, in many cases supplementing an already rich understanding of accessibility, user-centred design and interface design, but in other cases it has been responsible for developing ab initio an interest in diversity and universality in design.

Our research group has been working in this area since 2007. Individually, our backgrounds are in the areas of software engineering, computer science and education, but collectively we are motivated by the need for good design across all domains.

Design, we consider to be a verb describing an action, and as such we are as interested in the process of design as the designed product.

Throughout our website, you will find information on the people in our group, the projects we are currently undertaking, and those projects we were involved in in the past, our publications and our latest news.