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DT249 B.Sc in Information Systems and Information Technology

Information Systems Research Practice

These resources are posted for supplemental purposes.  They are not a substitute for attendance at lectures where the sharing of knowledge and work experience is encouraged and general interactive participation is the norm.

Lecture Session 2011-2012
Room:   Main B -034
Lecture Schedule

Week 1

22 Sept 11



Undergraduate Research and Methodology


Week 2

29 Sept 11

The requirements of an Undergraduate project.

Planning for your project proposal and organising for your project


  • Brainstorming
  • Mindmaps
  • PESTLE analysis
  • W6h


Mind maps - Try this

Important general information for all students. Regularly
visit the course website and link to current students at:

Visit the DIT Library website and link to databases on the left.  Become familiar with resources like ACM, IEEE, OED, British Standards Online and similar.

Crafting a Research Paper

Subscribe to IS/IT mailing lists - Principal sources for 'Calls for Papers' which include excellent state-of-the-art ideas for research and projects.

Practical research
  • DIT library databases (ACM, IEEE, OED, British Standards online, Metafind)
  • Google Scholar
  • BookFinder

Research exercise

Week 3


6 Oct 11

Continuous Assessment Assignment - A project proposal for a final year project.

Crafting a Research Paper - A PowerPoint Presentation

Guidelines for Final Year Project.

Crafting an Introduction exercise

It will be necessary for you to formally declare that all material that you submit for this module is your own work.  This will require you to complete and sign the following Declaration of own work.

Guidelines for Professional Project
Please bring your copy of 
Crafting a Research Paper


For your project proposal identify:

  • The world experts in the topic
  • The seminal publications that apply
  • Appropriate conceptual models
Week 4


13 Oct 11

Week 5

20 Oct 11

Week 6


27 Oct 11

Crafting and IS/IT project proposal
Final Year project Risk
Handout .pdf
Slides   .ppt  .pdf


Week 7

3 Nov 11

BSc Final Year project life cycle

Exercise - Planning for your project proposal and organising for your project


Week 8

10 Nov 11

Feedback workshop Crafting a BSc Research Project Proposal - Guidelines

General Comments on paper writing

Crafting a research paper - Checklist

Week 9

17 Nov 11

Week 10

24 Nov 11

Week 11

1 Dec 11

Week 12

8 Dec 11

I'm continuing tonight with this week's schedule and I will pick up 
last week's schedule next week.  However, I don't know if everyone scheduled 
for tonight will be able to make it, so, I'll be happy to slot others 
who attend into free slots if there are any.

Thursday night as already scheduled.

Just have to play it by ear.

Remember to bring three stapled copies of your proposal with you.

Week 13

15 Dec 11

Proposal presentations continue this week.







19 Dec 11 Christmas  
26 Dec 11 Christmas  
03 Jan 2012 Christmas  
Week 14 Examinations commence 9 January 2012  
Week 15 Examinations continue.  

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