e-Learning Research Group
Dublin Institute of Technology
Kevin Street

Research Group Name e-Learning Research Group
Chair(s) Damian Gordon
Mailing List(s) For information, please e-mail : Damian.Gordon@comp.dit.ie 
Membership Open to all
Purpose of the Research Group

The advent of web has allowed for an entirely new form of training and teaching which is web-based and can use all the additional functionality provided by the web, such as real-time interactivity, interface configurability and a range of learning methods. The goal of the elearning research group is to develop an expertise of existing elearning systems, and to build novel elearning systems which combine good pedagogical practice with modern computer science techniques.

Specific Goals
  • To enshrine best teaching practice in digital format
  • To develop teaching tools which fully exploit the added dimensionality of learning provided by elearning
  • To develop a framework for evaluation best practices in elearning

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