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The work of Samuel Beckett is some of the 20th century's most important writing. Of all the English-language modernists, Beckett's work represents the most sustained attack on the realist tradition. He, more than anyone else, opened up the possibility of drama and fiction that dispense with conventional plot, characterisation and the unities of place and time in order to focus on essential components of the human condition.

This research investigates Beckett in a range of contexts. Can Beckett's work be extended in an online context? What are the implications of putting his work online? How does it effect the work and how does it change the relationship of the reader to the writing?

Krapp's Last Tape Exercises undertaken by K268/1 Software Development 2004-2005

The Software Development students 2004-2005 were required to read Krapp's Last Tape and undertake a number of exercises based on the play in an effort to reinforce the basic ideas of programming and computer architecture.



Krapp's Last Tape in Two Minutes

by Colin Kavanagh


One of the most interesting exercises submitted of the K268/1 2004-2005 was a Flash movie that shows the whole play in just two minutes.