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DIT MSc Supervision



[30]. Peter Clarke, An Exploration of the Factors that Indicate 'Quality' in Linked Datasets, MSc in Computing (Information and Knowledge Management)

[29]. Olubusola Laiyemo, A Framework for Knowledge Management in European Regional Development Funds Audit, MSc in Computing (Information and Knowledge Management)

[28]. James Agwu Ndukwe, Effect of Heterogeneous Grouping on Mathematics Achievement, MSc in Computing (Advanced Software Development)


[27]. Niall Dowdall, An Investigation of Approaches Used When Creating Passwords and their Relative Security, MSc in Computing (Advanced Software Development)

[26]. Jelena Haidurova, Usability Evaluation of Ireland's Travel Websites, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[25]. David Hendrick, Using Grounded Theory to Develop a Framework for Software Testing Best Practice in a Telecommunications Company, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[24]. Gabriel Lawless, Exploring the Effectiveness of Using Integrated Multimedia on the Teaching and Learning Process, MSc in Computing (Universal Design and Assistive Technology)

[23]. Niamh O'Mahony, Cognitive Learning and Motivation of First Year Secondary School Students Using an Interactive and Multimedia-Enhanced e-Book Made with iBooks Author, MSc in Applied eLearning


[22]. Alan Harris, The Legal Standing of Data in a Cloud Computing Environment, MSc in Computing (Data Analytics)

[21]. Niav McEvoy, Can Rapid Authoring Tools Meet the Needs of Different Learning Preferences?, MSc in Applied eLearning

[20]. Fiachra O'Cuinneagain, The use of online collaborative tools by students creating visual dialogues, MSc in Applied eLearning


[19]. Niall Dixon, Supports for First Year Students in a Fully On-line Module, MSc in Applied eLearning

[18]. Ciara Ní Chéilleachair, Playing Games: Using Game Theory to Explain Organisational Sharing Behaviour, MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management)


[17]. Peter Marshall, Knowledge Elicitation in a Mixed Martial Arts Organisation, MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management)

[16]. Joshue O' Connor, Real World User Testing: An Assessment of User Testing Methodologies in Theory and Practice, MSc in Computing (Assistive Technology)


[15]. Juan Convers, The Development of an Online Medical Social Bookmarking system, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[14]. Helmut Huber, User Interface Design Considerations in Knowledge Management, MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management)

[13]. Joern Hussock, Defining a framework for knowledge sharing in a dynamic sales oriented organisation, MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management)

[12]. Haijie Zhao, Developing a System to aid programmers achieve a good coding style, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)


[11]. Damien Connaghan, Semantics in Rich Internet Applications for Assistive Technologies, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[10]. Heather Madden, An Investigation Into Wiki Development In A Small Organisation, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[9]. Lakshmi Meda, Integrating a Social Networking Tool and Chat Utility, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[8]. Charlotte Mulvey, Web Accessibility of e-Government sites, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[7]. Ciaran Reidy, The Integration of Network Communication Mediums and Open Source Speech Synthesis and Recognition tools, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[6]. Bajuna Salehe, Elimu 2.0 – Investigating the Use of Web 2.0 Tools for Facilitating Collaboration in Higher Education, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[5]. Joseph Vincent, Towards Quality Learning Objects by Integrating Instructional Design, e-Learning Technology and Accessibility Guidelines, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)


[4]. Ronan Carty, An Investigation of the use of Web 2.0 in Education and the Development of a Resultant Personalised Learning Environment, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)

[3]. Colin Mooney, Wiki-Based Collaboration in a large Organisation: An Enabler of Effective Knowledge Management, MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management)

[2]. Joseph Reynolds, A Framework for the Introduction of Organisational Learning using Web 2.0 Applications, MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management)

[1]. Tao Wang, An Investigation of the use of a Multi-Modal Agent for PDAs and the development of a Framework, MSc in Computing (Information Technology)