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Enabling Technology


Inclusive Learning Through Technology (ILT)


This is a picture of me lecturing on the 6-Hats as a model of Instructional Design to a class that includes Dr. Edward de Bono

I am current working on a project with the Central Remedial Clinic, other project partners include; St. Gabriel's School, The McMahon Foundation and Dr. Edward de Bono. Under the leadership of Dr. Ger Craddock of the CRC, the project has proposed to define a broader definition and procedures for implementation of the Statement of Need/Individual Education Plan that goes beyond diagnostic evaluation and psychological IQ testing as envisioned by the current Irish legislation. The goal is to enable a wider spectrum of abilities in the learning process to be recognized for students with a disability.

The PEARL project


As a research assistant in Trinity College, Dublin, I was involved in the PEARL project (Practical Experimentation by Accessible Remote Learning), an EU funded project, whose key aim was to help participation in science and engineering practical work, for students who cannot normally access experimental equipment, in particular, for students with disabilities (as the resources are frequently inadequate to facilitate those students).

CT10: In-Career Development Course

I teach an In-Service Course in ICT and Special Education Needs. The Course, CT10: In-Career Development Course for Primary School Teachers of Special Needs students is done through the Department of Education. The course encourages teachers to integrate computer-assisted learning into their teaching. It involves the creation of a collaborative website, evaluating educational software, assessing children's specific learning needs and developing the necessary skills to carry out research pertaining to SEN. Notes are available.

Certificate in Assistive Technology (CAT)

Queen's University Belfast is running a Certificate in Assistive Technology, which I was invited to give a number of talks to. The course teachs the fundamentals of Assistive Technology (AT): an introduction to theory, policy and how AT can be matched to persons with disabilities at school, college, home or in the community.

Masters in IT in Education (TCD)

Since it's creation in 1999, I have taught a number of courses on Trinity's Master's in IT and Education. In particular I taught a five-week stream on Enabling Technologies which looked at issues such as: Frameworks, Software and Hardware, Policy, and Research Groups.