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MSc Supervision

MSc's I've supervised.

MSc Artefacts

Some interesting artefacts produced by MSc students either as groups or individually.

MSc Project Ideas

This page lists so suggestions I have for MSc projects.

Final Year Project Ideas

This page lists so suggestions I have for final year projects.


A great deal of my research in education and eLearning is focussed on the area of learning styles and how different students learn differently, and the implications of that. Also Gordon's Law of eLearning is one of the outcomes of this research

Active Learning

Active learning, as the name suggests, is a type of instruction which some teachers employ to involve pupils during the learning process. Associated with the term "learning by doing", "active learning" is often contrasted with less active forms of instruction. It has been suggested that students who actively engage with the material are more likely to recall information later and be able to use that information in different contexts.


Some Check Sheets I've helped build for various research scenarios.