Inclusive Learning Group: Differentiated Instruction for Inclusion

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Module 1: From Critical Thinking to Collaborative Learning using ICT
Section 1: Introduction, What is Learning?
Section 2: Theories of Learning
Section 3: Bloom's Taxonomy
Section 4: Extension from Thinking to Learning
Section 5: Inclusive Learning
Section 6: New Policy and Legislation in Education
Section 7: Universal Design for Learning

Module 2: Differentiated Instruction: From theory to practice
Section 1: Inclusive Practices
Section 2: Facilitating Mixed Ability Classrooms
Section 3: Differentiated Instruction
Section 4: Learning Styles Models
Section 5: Multiple Intelligences

Module 3: Classroom Methodologies
Section 1: Classroom Methodologies
Section 2: Co-operative Learning
Section 3: Peer Tutoring
Section 4: Self Evaluation
Section 5: Exemplars of Best Practice
Section 6: Evaluative Rubrics

Module 4: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
Section 1: Introduction to Critical and Creative Thinking
Section 2: The CoRT Techniques
Section 3: The Six Thinking Hats Technique
Section 4: Visual Maps
Section 5: Bloom's Taxonomy Revisited
Section 6: Critical and Creative Thinking (Reprise)

Module 5 - The Fusion of Technologies towards an Integrated Environment
Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Educational Technology for learning and Collaboration
Section 3: Using Assisitve and Educational Technologies
Section 4: Implementation of Technologies in the classroom
Section 5: Emerging Technologies to support Inclusion


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