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Lost Ideas


For a short period of time, the title of the comic book was going to be "The League of Extraordinary Gentlefolk".


Irene Adler

From Moore : "...there's supposed to be some genius woman in Sherlock Holmes. The only woman that Sherlock Holmes had time for. But she was a bit obscure. You know… so I thought, Mina Harker. We'll have her be changed by the events of Dracula and she's divorced Jonathan and she's become a Suffragette. And she also has that scarf…"


Sexton Blake

Sexton Blake was meant to have a substantial role in Volume I.Created by Harry Blyth, first appeared in The Halfpenny Marvel #6, in December 1893; he was a consulting detective who lived on Baker Street, in London, and solved crimes with the help of Tinker, his young assistant. He moved into Holmes' lodgings during the years Holmes faked his death, but by 1898 Holmes has returned (but this won't be known to the general public for a few more years), so althougth Moore planed to have him in the series, and have the League visit him in Baker Street, the dating of Volume I precluded his inclusion.


The Devil Doctor

Supposed to be Fu Manchu, but copyright prevented him from being name and, no doubt, reduced his role in Volume I.


Found Ideas


From Moore: "Round about the second issue, I suddenly thought "Hey, what if I did this so that any character that's mentioned by name had got to be a real character from fiction?" I thought "That could be funny." <...> And I think that it was when, possibly in the first issue, where I suddenly got to a bit where I realized that I'd got Emile Zola's Nana being killed on the Rue Morgue by Mister Hyde, I thought, well, "This is great! This is going somewhere!" And then when I started to bring in characters from Victorian pornography, like the Pearl, in the second issue. It sort of built up from there. We've even got walk-ons by presumably the Victorian ancestors of characters from Eastenders in issue #6. It's a lot of fun."

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