About the Apocalypse Box

From the Crusade Writer's Bible


Their existence is little more than a rumor. According to those strories, there are only six such boxes in existence. And everyone who has ever owned one... has died under mysterious and, usually, hideous circumstances.

No one knows how old the apocalypse boxes are some say hundreds of years, some say thousands, some say that they are as old as the universe itself. And there is something living inside an apocalypse box... something as old as the box itself...something that can answer your questions. Most of the time it will answer you truthfully. From time to time, it will lie to you.

You have to decide when to believe it, and when not to believe it, because your life may depend on the choice you make.

Gideon has an apocalypse box. He won it during a poker tgame (won it too easily, in fact he was set up by someone who wanted to get rid of it, and by someone else who wanted him to have it).

Whatever lives in the box, it does not think like us, and its agendas are completely unkown. If our resident techno-mage knew he had one of these boxes, he'd grab it and throw it out the nearest airlock, then run like hell.

That's how dangerous and unpredictable these things are.


From Comments by JMS

"...and there's something called an apocalypse box, which one of these people has, and who should definitely not have it, since everyone who has ever owned an apocalypse box has died under strange and extremely unpleasant circumstances."

"There are six of Apocalypse Boxes, that are thought to be as old as the universe itself. There is a living being inside of each and it tells the truth most of the time, but once in a while will lie."


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