The Castle














Description of the Castle

The Castle used to be owner by Cursitor Doom until it was commandeered by the M.O.D. (The M.O.D. or Ministry of Defence is responsible for the security of the UK and its overseas territories, so they must see some threat in the prisoners.) It has run for over 20 years without a problem.

Since I've only read two Cursitor Doom stories, I'm not sure if this was his house or maybe his base of operations or someithng ?

It seems to be protected by magic spells which makes it difficult to locate, or at least see, since Mr. Nolan's driver had to use GPS to find it. That seems to be the main source of external security. There is both natural and supernatural internal security; on the natural side - palmprint readers protect some areas, on the supernatural side - all entrants must pass Jason Hyde who reads minds and useds his x-ray vision, excellent powers for security.

It is located in Scotland and seems to be situated beside a lake and mountains.


Main Features of the Castle


The Prison Cells

Some cells have metal doors with bars, others have large glass observation windows. There is a sucide wing. Some cells have spider webs in them and there are rats around, so I'm guessing the cleaner doesn't come in much.



Library/Leisure Area

Both male and female wings have leisure areas, the male one has a pool table and reading area plus books, the female one has a ping pong table and reading area plus books. Also Faceache does a book delivery service in the male area (he must be a trustee).


The weights have been off-limits for a while so they may be in a seperate gym area ??

Computer Centre

Brian's Brain seems to be involved / incorporated in the computer centre of the Castle.


Further Comments

Janus Stark was put in a dungeon in London, so this isn't the same place.


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