Annotations for ALBION Trade

All corrections and comments to


For the moment I am using the old page numbering (i.e. of each issue seperately) but will also number using TPB numbers. (so I've refered to the page numbers as pp = previously page number.


Version Information

Version 1: 8/1/2007, Created after my first read-through I made a few notes which became version 1.



Plot by Alan Moore

Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion

Art by Shane Oakley and George Freeman

Cover Art by Dave Gibbons


Cover: Same as Cover of Albion #1, Archie's head.


Changes to Albion #1

A#1, pp.8, p. 9:

The cake that Sylvester Turville (Spellbinder) tries to levitate away is now glowing.

A#1, pp.16:

The video interview with Mike Higgs now includes a "Mike Higgs" legend.

A#1, pp.17:

The video interview with Steve Moore now includes a "Steve Moore" legend.

A#1, pp.20, p. 1:

Archie is recoloured orange.


Changes to Albion #2

A#2, pp.14, p. 4:

The words "MENORG NER4278" and "MENORG NUM9281" have new highlights on them.

A#2, pp.19, p. 2:

The colours of the pool balls have been corrected

A#2, pp.20, p. 9:

Box is now labelled "500 Piece Jigsaw"


Changes to Albion #3

A#3, pp.7, p. 2:

Photo of Hurricane and Malone is now in black & White (more in keeping with the times)

A#3, pp.12, p. 3:

Butcher's window now reads "JACK JONES - FAMILY BUTCHER"

A#3, pp.14, p. 6:

Crandell's prosthetic hand is swapped (subtle!)

A#3, pp.19, p. 6:

More book and annual titles have been added


Changes to Albion #4

A#4, pp.5, p. 4:

Jigsaw joins are now visible


Changes to Albion #5

A#5, pp.5, p. 4:

Five Aces now visible on Sluggsy's cards

A#5, pp.8, p. 2:

Steel Claw is corrected to the right hand

A#5, pp.9, p. 2:

Gadgetman's mask is recoloured green

A#5, pp.10, p. 6:

Workman with mullet now has jacket patch "Sparky Electrics Inc."

A#5, pp.12, p. 7:

Archie is recoloured orange.

A#5, pp.22, p. 1:

Mytek has more damage, fur missing in two places and wires sticking out


Changes to Albion #6

A#6, pp.4, p. 7:

"BLOTT" label added to uniform

A#6, pp.9, p. 4:

Armory sign added

A#6, pp.11, p. 5:

Martha is recoloured green

A#6, pp.14, p. 1:

Grimly Feendish speech added

A#6, pp.15, p. 3&4:

panels recoloured green

A#6, pp.19, p. 1:

Mytek still has more damage and eyes are now red (also on pp.20 panels 2,4,5,6)

A#6, pp.20, p. 7:

reflection of The Spider is more clear