Annotations for ALBION #2

by Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Damian Gordon and the Bash Street Contributors


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Version Information

Version 1: 28/7/2005, Created after my first read-through I made a few notes which became version 1.

Version 2: 3/8/2005, Created after serveral re-reads and excellent contributions

Version 3: 18/08/2005, More excellent contributions

Version 4: 23/11/2005, More excellent contributions





Mark Jack gets in early with the following:

"I stumbled across the cover of Albion #2 and although I`ve read here on the board that the link to House of Dolman has already been made I can retain a small amount of pride by identifying the two dolls as Mole & Togo."

Penny looks like her strings have been cut. Penny is wearing the same style of jumper she did as a child, perhaps she never got over her childhood trauma.

Cover Tagline:

"PENNY DREADFUL" – low-priced novels in the late 19th century and very early 20th century, called penny dreadfuls, a term also referring to the denomination of coin needed to buy one from a vendor. Penny Dreadfuls often involved melodramatic tales of vice and virtue in conflict, often with strong elements of horror and cruelty. Their main audience consisted of young and/or unsophisticated readers, primarily male. In the United States they were called Dime Novels. Philip Pullman has written several "modern penny dreadfuls" in this style such as the Sally Lockhart series (including The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North, and The Tiger in the Well). While themselves penny dreadfuls, these works also incorporate the atmosphere in which the novels thrived. Stanford University has a collection of over 8,000 individual dime novels, and a web site devoted to the subject.


9 Panels, Grimly Feendish is put in jail


Panel 1: Following his capture in issue #1, Grimly Feendish is put in jail

Panel 4: Notice the (comic-booky) stars around his head to indicate he is dazed

Panel 9: "I'M NOT SCARED..." Oh dear, suddenly Grimly Feendish isn't the rottenest crook after all. Maybe he is just a thief and the news reports about him being a killer are a frame-up.

Geoffrey Tolle agrees: "There is a strange contradiction in Grimly Feendish. Although he is publically accused of cannibalism and other fiendish deeds, here, he appears to be quite timid. I suspect that he is much more mischevous than fiendish and that the tales of cannibalism were a frame-up by MOD."


Page 2:

3 Panels, Penny and Danny coming in


Panel 2: "STRANGE DOORS THAT WE'D NEVER CLOSE AGAIN " – lyrics from David Bowie’s "Scary Monsters"

Panel 3: "MY BACK'S *@#£IN' ME FROM SLEEPING IN THAT VAN" - next day ?


Page 3:

7 Panels, Penny trips Danny


Panel 4: "MIND YOUR STEP..." Penny trips Danny, I guesss there's still a lot of Bad Penny in her.


Page 4:

1 Panel, ROBOTS!

Robots in Penny's Underground Workshop Page


Page 5:

6 Panels, "Either with me or against me"


Panel 2: "I THINK I CRACKED MY COCCYX!" The coccyx is the tailbone, located at the end of the spine.

Panel 4: Togo blocks Danny's exit Togo is one of the robots from "House of Dolmann"


Page 6:

4 Panels, Nolan arrives


Panel 3: "GOOD EVENING, MR. NOLAN." I wonder is this Robert Nolan, father of Danika Ace of Diamonds?

or maybe Nolan Grayson, Invincible's dad ?

Joe McDonald says: "Wouldn't it make more sense if page 6's "Nolan" was an older, more world-weary version of Lion's comic's resident American: Zip Nolan, Highway Patrolman? The former star of Lion's long-running "Spot the Clue with Zip Nolan"

Lew Stringer agrees: "Regarding "Nolan" I think this is an older version of Zip Nolan, from the strip "Spot the Clue with Zip Nolan, Highway Patrol" from LION. He was an American character so it fits that he could later work for the CIA. "

Loki agrees: "Nolan is probably Zip Nolan, Highway Patrolman, who used to appear in Lion and Thunder.

Well, I guess it might be Zip Nolan then ;-)


Zip Nolan


The term asphalt is often used as an abbreviation for asphalt concrete, a composite material commonly used for construction of paved roads, highways and parking lots. It consists of bitumen binder, mineral aggregate and cement filler mixed together, laid down in layers and compacted.

Note the masonic-type handshake. I'm intrigued by the odd left-handed handshake between Eagleton and Nolan in Page 6/Panel 4. Looks a little like a 'secret handshake,' too. I've a feeling we never actually see Nolan's right hand throughout this issue, but I'll have to go back to check.


Page 7:

9 Panels, Entering the Castle


Panel 2: Jason Hyde on security. Exposed to radiation Jason Hyde has x-ray vision and can read minds.

The book he is reading "I CAN MAKE YOU SLIM" by "*AUL ***ENNA" is clearly nothing to do with "I CAN MAKE YOU THIN" by Paul McKenna

Geoffrey Tolle says: "The guard(?) is Jason Hyde from "Valiant". At first, it seemed a bit odd to me that he should suddenly smile reading "I Can Make You Slim", then I realized that he must have detected something interesting in the mind of Nolan or Eagleton as they walked by his booth."

Mark Jack says: "Jason Hyde reading a self help book by Paul McKenna."

Panel 3: GPS: Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system used for determining one's precise location and providing a highly accurate time reference almost anywhere on Earth or in Earth orbit.

Panel 7: Notice Palmprint security system


Identifies the location of The Castle as being in Scotland. The location of the prison in Scotland reminded me of the fact that "The Village" in Patrick McGoohan's show "The Prisoner" was based in part on a real place, Inverlair Lodge in Scotland which was used as a "safe haven" for secret agents during the Second World War and supposedly a "retirement home for spies" after the war, has a strong parallel with the Castle.

Panel 9: "I'M IRISH MYSELF" - of Irish descent.


Geoffrey Tolle says: "The poor Filipino Fishboy in the display case is Fishboy from "Buster". Appearently, he continued to develop icthyan features during is time alone on the island. One might wonder why it was necessary to kill him and why the Brits would have taken him from a basically american part of the world."


Page 8:

5 Panels, Is Penny mad ?


Panel 2: Note on wall "PHONE FAB"

Panel 4: Note the leprechaun on the right (another Irish reference)

MythicalBeast says "The leprechaun looks like one of Ken Dodd's Diddymen, although his name escapes me. Funny, he must have escaped from slave labour in the Knotty Ash jam butty mines..."

I guess it must be Mick The Marmalizer, ref.:

Raymond Scurr adds "When I first saw the 'Irish Puppet' I thought it looked like one of Ken Dodd's Diddymen, but a search shows a few differences. Perhaps a 'partial match' for Mick The Marmalizer ;) ((I never saw the show myself - but buried at home I have an annual from about 1970))"

Paul Evans suggests: "looks like a thunderbirds pupet head on pennys desk"

Mark Jack says: "The head of Parker from Thunderbirds on Penny`s desk."

Euan Marley says "The head in Panel 4 of Page 8, looks like Phones from Stingray. There appears to be a logo on the Badge, which fits better with WASP"

Panel 5: There is a robot visible in the shadows between Penny and Danny.



Page 9:

8 Panels, "TOGO!"


Panel 1: Notice the Dog / Dragon puppet on the bottom right.

Loki says: "The head on the floor, p.9, panel 1, could be Bess, Nick Jolly's steed "

Armless baby puppet, and devil head puppet.

Panel 3: Identity of Togo confirmed.

Mike Harwood makes an excellent point "it's highly significant that Togo speaks in Albion #2. Dolmann's puppets couldn't talk unless Dolmann was using ventriloquism. So either Penny is a ventriloquist or they've been significantly upgraded!"

Panel 4: "ERIC DOLMANN WAS MY FATHER" -- Dolmann gets a first name and his daughter is Bad Penny.

Geoffrey Tolle adds: "Penny is a highly talented dollsman in her own right. Note that, in the space of these two pages, she has changed Archie from literally falling apart to being able to assemble himself. The repairs even seem to include some of the dings and dents in his shell. "

Raymond Scurr adds "When Penny is removing Archie's head there's a very visible movement arrow -- obviously she's a 'comic character' ;) (The trip on page 3 is also 'comic-ed', the same style as Penny's flashback origin.)"

Panel 5: Gangster robot is visible in the shadows ... He looks a lot like the Batman villian Scarface :

but I doubt it's supposed to be him.

Panel 6: Robot with lightening symbol and upside head

Loki says: "The upside down robot head on p.9, panel 6 looks like Dolmann's Astro"

Panel 7: Monkey Robot, not Mytek the Mighty or Gargan

Monkey robot is visible. I wonder is he Mitch from SuperCar ??

Or just the Mini Fez Monkey ?



Page 10:

11 Panels, First page of Penny's story


Panel 1: Eric Dolmann

Rabbit puppet.

Snake robot looks like Sid's snake, Slippy from Whizzer and Chips"

Mark Jack agrees: "Sid`s Snake from Whizzer & Chips"

Panel 2: Penny dancing with Mole. Radio is playing "JIVE!" and "BOP!"

Panel 3: Penny has catapult in her hand, teacher has lump on his head, draw your own conclusions.

From left to right

A large boy thinking about a fairy cake,


A boy with black hair in love with Penny,

A boy with a flower in his hair,

A boy with brown hair.

Mark Jack says: "Penny`s classmates seem to be made up from a few different strips. The large boy on the left is Tubs from the Gasworks Gang (Cor!), two of the others are homages (I`m assuming) to Dennis the Menace and on of the Bash St Kids"

Panel 5: "FENN ST" - A reference to BBC sitcom The Fenn Street Gang ??

Mark Jack agrees: "Fenn St Gang was a sitcom n the early 70`s, a spin off from Please Sir. "

"PC PLAT IS BIG AND FAT" [???] ??????

"CHALKY WOZ ERE" Chalky (I'm quick on the draw) draws very realistic images using his chalks.Came from COR! to BUSTER.

Raymond Scurr says " I can't place the dog - I'm sure there was a strip that had the dog in the background ((Chalky?)) "

Raymond Scurr adds " I think I'm right, and that the dog's name was Phil. "

Panel 6:"THE ROZZERS" slang term for policemen

Panel 7: The Spider arrests Dolmann, using one comic character to arrest another, interesting.

Panel 8: The Spider's reward (well we know what really happens, The Spider is in prison, but in Penny's mind her got a comicbook feast reward.

Bangers and Mash, Cow pie (Desperate Dan), Pop, Biscuits and Jelly.

Mark Jack agrees: "Notice Desperate Dan`s trademark cowpie on the table?"



Mark Jack says: "ACID PROPS are just a play on the old acid drops, a long missed delicacy from the sweetie shop. While Smiff`s Crisps are a play on Smith`s Crisps. The company who produced Salt & Shake and Square Crisps, since taken over by Walkers. "


Note policeman on the right is PC 49, appeared in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen v1 #6

Panel 11: Stereotypical representation people from "far, far away"

Bertie Bumpkin

Pa Bumpkin

May be either Bertie Bumpkin from Jet or maybe Pa Bumpkin from the Bumpkin Billionaires in Whoopee

or maybe Country Cousin in Wow!.


Page 11:

11 Panels, Second page of Penny's story

Panel 1: Lady running home ??

numberplate "PIG 1" pig is slang for policeman

Lew Stringer says: "The policemen who boot Penny out of the police car appear to be the cops from "L-Cars" from Sparky. "

Mike Harwood agrees "the coppers who drop Penny off at the home in Albion #2 are from the "L-Cars" strip in "Sparky"!"

Raymond Scurr says "The lady is from "Fiends and Neighbours" "


From left to right

A small girl with an (A) on her tee-shirt,

A tall girl with a "P" on her uniform and a heart shaped tatoo,

A short girl with a gauntlet and sheild,

A large girl with a hook on her left hand,

Behind her a tall girl with pig tails and a knife (Beryl the Peril),

A girl in shadow,

A red-haired girl with a mace,

a short girl with a "SHAM 69" tee-shirt and nunchucks.

"SHAM 69" punk band in the 70s reunited in the 90s.


Panel 6: On Penny's desk there is graffiti: "WINNIE 4 ROGER" but the last "R" is backwards in "ROGER", I wonder is the "W" upside-down in "WINNIE" and it's Minnie and Minx and Roger the Dodger ?

Panel 8: Evil teacher

Panel 11: Headmaster has pointed ears like The Spider. No doubt since The Spider arrested her father, all evil authority figures are like The Spider in Penny's mind.


Page 12:

9 Panels, Danny isn't convinced


Panel 2: "THEY COULD JUST BE JAAG ONES" Jaag is a slang term for fake

Panel 5: Gangsterman robot and pirategirl robot


Page 13:

7 Panels, "Remember 1984"



Panel 3: "THE EYE OF ZOLTEC" The Eye of Zoltec is a mystic gem that was housed in the Temple of Zoltec in South America until Tim Kelly saved a native man from piranhas, who takes him to the temple, where he finds the Eye of Everlasting Life, which protects its wearer from death in any shape or form.

Panel 6: Raymond Scurr says "Video: "Galaxus Footage" Galaxus was an size changing alien. There's a good image on which looks like an article worth reading :) "


Nineteen Eighty-Four (often 1984) is a political novel written by George Orwell. The story takes place in a nightmarish dystopia where the omnipresent State enforces perfect conformity among members of a totalitarian Party through indoctrination, propaganda, fear, and ruthless punishment. Made into a film twice, and TV movies twice. Peter Cushing's version is my fav.

Puppet on left, Elasto ??

Stranger says "I think the puppet on the bottom left on page 13 is Willy one of the Woodentops"

Loki says: "Notice on p.13 that Robot Archie is active, and oiling his joints on the last panel."

Page 14:

9 Panels, Nolan, Nervs and Numskulls


Panel 2:"HE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF BARNUM'S SIDESHOWS" P.T. (Phineas Taylor) Barnum (July 5, 1810 – April 7, 1891), American showman who is best remembered for his entertaining hoaxes and for founding the circus that eventually became Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Panel 4:

"MENORG NER4278" -- The Nervs featured in SMASM! were drawn by Ken Reid

"MENORG NUM9281" -- The Numskulls first appeared in BEEZER inside an unnamed man's head (only refered to as "our man"), in 1990 the Numskulls moved into a child's head called Edd.


Also, for more information on "Menorgs":



Loki says with reference to Albion #1: "Remember I said I knew who it was on the first page, and the clue was in panel 4? "Lets leave off shaving him.." - that's how I knew it was Cursitor Doom - you need to see him with his head shaved bald to see what he normally looks like."


Page 15:

9 Panels, Meeting the Brain


Panel 3: Is that Faceache doing library duty ?

Panel 6: Security Guard?

Panel 9: Look's like Brian's Brain

Mark Jack suggests: "I`m guessing the AI is Max from The 13th Floor (Scream and later Eagle)"

Page 16:

8 Panels, The Grand in Brighton


The IRA declared it's closing shop the same day Albion #2 come out, coincidence ?



Page 17:

6 Panels, The Eye of Zoltec


Panel 4: Beside Danny there is the head of a robot peeking out, next to it is a cyclops robot, and a rabbit robot. Finally, near the top of the panel in the pipes there is a robot bird.


Page 18:

9 Panels, The Brain says the Castle is in crisis


Panel 7:"HE IS AN INMATE" Oh, so Brian's Brain is a prisoner also.

Panel 9: "THAT IS WHY THE C.I.A. SENT MR. NOLAN" well if Nolan is from the CIA, I guess he must be Robert Nolan, father of Danika Ace of Diamonds.

Loki says: "It's Zip Nolan, as I said above."

Page 19:

9 Panels, In the Castle wth Kelly and Crandell


Panels 1&2: Is this is printing/colouring problem, or do the white and red ball swap positions ??

Panel 3: Looks like Rick and Charlie Wild, The Wild Wonders

security guard, prisoner in shadow and thin prisoner standing.

Panel 4: Tim Kelly and Louis Crandell from last issue.

Panel 6: Dr. Ratty Rat again ?

Loki says: "Nope, the Dwarf again."

book "1001 DODGES". I bet Roger the Doger wrote it

Mark Jack agrees: "Bookshelf contains the book `1001 Dodges` another homage this time to Roger the Dodger."

Panel 7: Prisoner in baseball cap, Faceache again??

Geoffrey Tolle adds: "I'm just guessing the buck-toothed young man in the background is Cheeky ( from "Cheeky".

Mark Jack suggests: "Guy with the baseball cap, Plug from the Bash St Kids."


Page 20:

9 Panels, Angery Ping Pong


Panel 1: Same prisoner featured in Albion #1,John Sinclair suggested this is 'Petunia' - minus her trademark St Trinians' hat but with her distinctive braids - from 'the Dolls of St. Dominics'

Lew Stringer agrees: "The "lady prisoners" resemble The Dolls of St.Dominics from POW! (A St.Trinians style group of schoolgirls)."

Image supplied by Loki

Loki says: "Given the strength displayed and the excessive muscular development in the upper body, I'd say the woman in panel 1 is probably an analogue of Pansy Potter (I'm fairly sure the Sparky version looks closer to this inmate than the Beano look on the page)"

Panel 2: Tall prisoner featured in Albion #1, Page 12, Panel 2.

Panel 3: Gum-chewing, pink haired prisoner from Albion #1, Page 12, Panel 2,

Blone prisoner with pink hat and white bobble, {Minnie?}

Mark Jack suggests: "Panel 3: Girl with the pom-pommed beret has to be a homage to Minnie the Minx. "

Tall prisoner with black hair,

Large prisoner with red hair from Albion #1, Page 12, Panel 2,

Geoffrey Tolle adds: "I'm just guessing: the heavy-set woman in the center of the panel is Belle Tent ( from "Whizzer and Chips".

Small prisoner with brown hair

Panel 4: black haired prisoner with yellow bow and black polkadots

{School Belle from Buster or maybe Toots from the Bash Street Kids ??}

Gum-chewing, pink haired prisoner from Albion #1, Page 12, Panel 2,

Blone prisoner,

and red haired prisoner.

Panel 7: Security guard -- Beryl Blott ??

Panel 9: Prisoner almost attacked in Albion #1, Page 12


Page 21:

9 Panels, The Spider


Panel 1: THE SPIDER -- he does look like Mr. Spock

Panel 6: "CHINARD IS NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED" Alfred Chinard might be the spider's real name suggested in Paul Grist's Jack Staff comic

Loki says: "Since Grist created the Chinard name (it didn't appear in the original Spider strips), this is Albion tipping a wink to Jack Staff's use of analogues of IPC characters. "

"Alfred Chinard" written as "A. Chinard" is an anagram for "Arachnid".


"Don't sit under the Apple Tree" by Lew Brown, Charlie Tobias and Sam H. Stept. A well-loved World War II song.

Panel 8:


Maggot Malone


Page 22:

1 Panel, Captain Hurricane

Panel 1: Captain Hurricane "SHALL I BE MOTHER?" a colloquism for pouring the tea or dishing out the food

Geoffrey Tolle adds: "Although I had expected Captain Hurricane to be in charge of this center, I may be mistaken. Whatever the case, it would appear that someone is using heavy doses of drug to keep him from using the full strength he has when he is angry. The "Avengers" television show from Britain had a man codenamed "Mother" in charge of John Steed and Emma Peel. I wonder if the line, "Shall I be mother?", is indirectly related to that "office".

"DON'T START ME TALKING" Opening line to "Oliver's Army" by Elvis Costello, or song by Gary Moore, not sure ?

Contributions: Paul Evans , Mike Harwood, Mark Jack, Loki, Joe McDonald, MythicalBeast , Raymond Scurr, Stranger, Lew Stringer, Geoffrey Tolle