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Albion reintroduces a range of UK comic book heroes in a six-part limited series. Albion is plotted by Alan Moore and written by daughter Leah Moore and John Reppion. The covers are drawn by Dave Gibbons with interiors by Shane Oakley (pencils) and George Freeman (inks).

Albion is a collobration between IPC Media and DC Comics/Wildstorm. IPC Media publish magazines like NUTS, LOADED and UNCUT, it also used to publish a range of UK comics starting in the 1930s. IPC media owns the rights to almost every comic character published by IPC between the 1930s and 1970s (with the exception of Dan Dare, Roy of the Rovers and 28 characters featured in Buster).

IPC Publisher Andrew Sumner says “The most popular IPC adventure titles were Lion (1952-1974), Valiant (1962-1976), Tiger (1954-1985, focused mostly on sporting heroes after 1976) and Vulcan (a fondly-remembered reprint title that ran from 1975-1976). All of which racked up huge issue numbers, because they were published weekly.”

”IPC exited the comics publishing business in the '80s, Egmont Fleetway took over the management of titles launched by IPC that were in live publication (such as 2000AD) and inherited the rights to the post-1970 IPC library. IPC retained the rights to the vast pre-1970 library but, until I came along, there was no managerial interest in revitalising what IPC management viewed as long-dormant, cult-interest intellectual properties.”

"According to Scott Dunbier and Bob Wayne, following Time Warner's purchase of IPC, rumours began to surface about the classic IPC heroes being available to DC (which is where Scott, Bob and myself came in)," continues Sumner. "A number of creators in the UK had asked Alan Moore what he'd do if he could revitalise the characters and he came up with his proposal for Albion on his own time, as a kind of spec script proposal. Once Bob, Scott and I had put the deal together, Alan's proposal was ready and waiting. Scott has a strong working relationship with Alan, as evidenced by WildStorm's success with the ABC line, so the rest is history. Alan has proved time and time again that this kind of reinvention is one of the things that he's particularly good at - just take a look at Marvelman, Watchmen, Terra Obscura or any of his early DC work."

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