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The central aim of this module is help students attain the ability to take complex data, process it and extract value from it through visualisation.

All of this year's lectures are available on WebCourses, but until all members of the class have access to webcourses lecture notes will also be posted here.

2012-2013 Visualisation Lectures:

Lecture 1: Introduction pdf pptx
Lecture 2: Categorisations pdf pptx
Lecture 3: Visualising Trends pdf pptx
Lecture 4: Visualising Comparisons pdf pptx

2012-2013 Visualisation Workshops:

Lab Workshop 1 pdf
  • Olympic Medals Table xlsx
  • Unemployment Rates Table xlsx
  • US Gun Manufacture Rates xls
  • US Broadband Access twbx xls (Based on Tableau Public training example)
  • US Foreign Aid visualisation xls (Based on Tableau Public training example)
Lab Workshop 2 pdf
  • US Gun Manufacturing csv
  • Unemployment Rates Table csv
  • Olympic Medals Table csv
  • R Programming Exercise pdf
  • Six Nations Table csv