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DT217 Problem Solving, Communication & Innovation

The aim of this module to develop the studentís ability to identify and apply appropriate strategies for knowledge-based problem solving. It also aims to develop the studentís ability to understand the issues associated with innovation in knowledge-based problem solving and enhance key transferable communication skills.

All of this year's lectures are available on WebCT. Lab resources will be made available on this web site. For student's information the complete set of lecture slides from the 2006-2007 course are available below.

2006-2007 Problem Solving, Communication & Innovation Lecture Notes:

Lecture 1: Introduction ppt
Lecture 2: Brainstorming ppt
Lecture 3: Thinkertoys, Force Field Analysis & SWOT Analysis ppt
Lecture 4: Root Cause Analysis ppt
Lecture 5: DeBono's CoRT Techniques ppt
Lecture 6: DeBono's Six Hats ppt
Lecture 7: Exercise Catch-Up ppt
Lecture 9: Mind Maps ppt
Lecture 10: Preentation Skills ppt
Lecture 11: Revision ppt