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DT228/4 Computer Graphics

This is a first introductory course in computer graphics. This course introduces the learner to the branch of computer science which deals with the theory and technology for computerised image synthesis. The subject matter considers the overall framework of computer graphics and emphasises the mathematical and algorithmic solutions. The learner is expected to apply the concepts acquired by writing short applications which will interface with a suitable graphics API (e.g. OpenGL or Direct X).

All of this year's lectures are available on WebCT. Lab resources will be made available on this web site. For student's information the complete set of lecture slides from the 2006-2007 course are available below.

Graphics Labs:

Graphics Lab 1: Introduction to OpenGL Resources: Lab1OpenGLIntro.cpp glut.zip
Graphics Lab 2: OpenGL Shapes Resources: Lab2OpenGLShapes.cpp
Graphics Lab 3: Transformations & Callbacks Resources: Lab3TransformationDemo.cpp Lab3CallbacksDemo.cpp Lab3.exe
Graphics Lab 4: 3-D!!! Resources: Lab4GlutPolyhedra.cpp Lab4.exe
Graphics Lab 5: A 3-D Model Resources: Lab5CrossModelDemo.cpp Aeroplane.exe
Graphics Lab 6: Windowing Resources: Lab6Windowing.cpp
Graphics Lab 7: Tim's Lab
Graphics Lab 8: Blender Models Resources: BlenderLoader.zip

2006-2007 Graphics Lectures:

Graphics 1: Introduction to Computer Graphics ppt
Graphics 2: Maths Preliminaries ppt
Graphics 3: 2D Transformations ppt
Graphics 4: Viewing in 2D ppt
Graphics 5: Scan Converting Lines ppt
Graphics 6: Scan Converting More Lines, Circles & Polygons ppt
Graphics 7: Viewing in 3-D ppt
Graphics 8: Perspective Projections ppt
Graphics 9: Clipping in 3-D ppt
Graphics 10: 3-D Object Representations 1 ppt
Graphics 11: 3-D Object Representations 2 ppt
Graphics 12: Spline Representations 1 ppt
Graphics 13: Spline Representations 2 ppt
Graphics 14: Surface Detection Methods ppt
Graphics 15: Surface Detection Methods 2 ppt
Graphics 16: Illumination ppt
Graphics 17: Shading ppt
Graphics 18: Ray Tracing ppt
Graphics 19: Revision ppt

DT228/4 Digital Image Processing

This is a first course in Digital Image Processing. The course begins with low level processing and works its way up to the beginnings of image interpretation. This approach is taken because image understanding originates from a common database of information. The learner will be required to apply their understating of the concepts involved through the process of building applications that manipulate bi-level and greyscale images through the use of suitable packages (e.g. Matlab or OpenCV).

All of this year's lectures are available on WebCT. Lab resources will be made available on this web site. For student's information the complete set of the lecture slides from the 2006-2007 course are available below.

2006 - 2007 Digital Image Processing Lectures:

Digital Image Processing 1: Introduction ppt
Digital Image Processing 2: Image Processing Fundamentals ppt
Digital Image Processing 3: Image Enhancement (Histogram Processing) ppt
Digital Image Processing 4: Image Enhancement (Point Processing) ppt
Digital Image Processing 5: Image Enhancement (Spatial Filtering 1) ppt
Digital Image Processing 6: Image Enhancement (Spatial Filtering 2) ppt Java Convolution Tool
Digital Image Processing 7: Image Enhancement (Frequency Filtering) ppt
Digital Image Processing 8: Image Restoration (Noise Removal) ppt
Digital Image Processing 9: Segmentation (Points, Lines & Edges) ppt
Digital Image Processing 10: Segmentation (Thresholding) ppt
Digital Image Processing 11: Morphology ppt
Digital Image Processing 12: Colour Image Processing ppt
Digital Image Processing 13: Revision ppt

2006 - 2007 Digital Image Processing Labs:

Digital Image Processing Lab 1: Lab 1 Instructions Intro To SciLab Moon.bmp HoriFlipImage.sci
Digital Image Processing Lab 2: Lab 2 Instructions Functions In SciLab Moon.bmp darkPollen.jpg lightPollen.jpg pollen.jpg woman.bmp negativeImage.sci
Digital Image Processing Lab 3: Lab 3 Instructions runway.jpg darkPollen.jpg lightPollen.jpg pollen.jpg spine.jpg lowContrastPollen.jpg