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Tunepal - Facebook Apps.ie Available on the App Store

Try out tunepal.org - a query-by-playing search engine for traditional tunes. (no install needed, but you will need a recent version of Java installed on your computer).

Tunepal is query by playing search engine for traditional Irish dance tunes. Read all about Tunepal on my blog. There is a browser version  an iPhone app and an Android App.

Screenshots of the iPhone app:


Tunepal for Windows Mobile/Psion

Download Tunepal for Windows Mobile here.

UPDATE: New Version for Windows Mobile Smartphones (such as the Palm Treo 500/v)

UPDATE: Tunepal for Windows Mobile is now FREE!! To unlock the registered version use the password hairymolly.

Tunepal Mobile is a player/archiver for .abc files. It runs on a any Windows Pocket PC 2002 or greater machine, including Windows Mobile 2005 such as a Dell Axim, or HP iPaq and allows you to play and search through thosands of tunes stored on the machine in seconds. It is useful for learning and sessions as you can adjust the tempo, volume and transponse tunes easily. There is also an older (unsupported) version that runs on a Psion Series 5/MX/Revo handheld computer which has much of the same functionality. There are two "renderers" in PocketPC version of Tunepal:

  • The "beeps" renderer is the default player and it playes tunes as basically beeps (sine waves). Its still an accurate rendering of the tune and plays roll's etc. The beeps player has its own parser for ABC files and it playes about 90% of the notation. It wont however support lots of advanced features such as key changes in the middle of tunes <, >, the bagpipe key etc etc. It has problems for example with the transcriptions of O'Neills Books that are available. I am not doing any further work on the "beeps" player.
  • The "MIDI" renderer on the other hand uses the parser from ABC2MIDI and therefore will play probably every ABC file out there. It also uses the high quality Timididy MIDI player and so you can play back your tune using any of the 128 general MIDI instruments. It sounds infinitely better than the beeps player..

Jerry Everard has written a nice review of Tunepal here. Also another nice review of Tunepal from Bruce McCaskey is here. Thanks guys!

If you are using Tunepal Mobile for a while, please enable logging (which will track each time you use the program for playing or searching) in the preferences dialog and every now and again email me the file TunepalLog.log in the root of the device. Also please fill out the Tunepal user survey.

Screenshots of the Windows Mobile 6 (landscape) version:

Screenshots of the Windows Pocket PC Version:


Screenshots of the Psion Version:


File Version Description
Tunepal06.cab 0.6 A special version for Windows Mobile 6.0+ devices with a landscape screen such as the Palm 500/500v. Comes with the full set of MIDI patch files.
Tunepal05.cab 0.53 Copy the .cab file onto your PocketPC device anywhere and tap on it to install. This version is for Pocket PC 2003 & greater machines (including Windows Mobile). It might even work on a Smart Phone, you never know. Any problems, drop me a mail.
Tunepal05 - 2002.cab 0.5 Very slightly out of date version for the Pocket PC 2002 SDK. I don't have a PocketPC 2002 machine, so I haven't been able to test it extensively. Copy the .cab file onto your PocketPC device anywhere and tap on it to install. It might even work on a Smart Phone, you never know. Any problems, drop me a mail.
General MIDI Patch Files   Required only for the registered version. This is a full set of general MIDI patch files. If you have GSPlayer (with the MIDI plug-in) or GSPlayer MIDI on your machine, you can use the patch files from that. Feel free to install these onto any drive. Just be sure to point to the correct version of the gm.cfg file in the preferences dialog in Tunepal.
Tunepal03.cab 0.3 This is the original Windows Pocket PC version for users with Pocket PC 2002 or greater. The MIDI renderer is not supported in this version. Copy the .cab file onto your PocketPC device anywhere and tap on it to install.
Tunepal.zip 0.4 This is the original Psion version of the program, for the Psion Series 5/MX and Revo. Double click on the .SIS file to install. The program requires that you have PsiWin installed on your PC
Henrik Norbeck's Tune Files   This is a link to Henrik Norbeck's tune files(about 2000 tunes in total), which work very well with my program.
O'Neills 1001 & O'Neills Dance Music of Ireland   Nearly 3000 tunes, slightly edited to make them Tunepal compatible. These play really well using the MIDI renderer, but not so well using the beeps renderer (lots of mistakes).
Daisy Theme   A nice theme for PocketPC featuring a picture of a daisy I took at the foor of Croach Patrick in Mayo in 2003


Last Updated: 20 August 2010
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