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School of Computing
Dublin Institute of Technology
Kevin Street

Office Location: K 113A, Kevin Street
Telephone: (01) 402 4972
Fax: (01) 402 4994 
Email: art.sloan@dit.ie


DT211C-1, DT228-1, DT249-1 and DT255-1 ... Hello and welcome!


My Course Modules

DT211C/1 - Information Technology Fundamentals

DT228/1 and DT2282/1 - Lecture Notes and Lab Details:

Computer Architecture and Technology (Semester 2)

Information Technology Fundamentals (Semester 1 DT228/1 only)

DT249/1 Information Systems in Organisations (Night Class Tuesday, Semester 1)

ALL modules now presented through WebCourses:

Link to WebCourses HERE


Updated: ONCE in a while

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