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DT 209/DT 217 MSc in Computing
(Knowledge Management)

(1 year fulltime/2 years part-time)


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for September 2008


Research Methods and Proposal Writing


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1 Semester

Contact Hours

3 hours per week


Foundations of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning

Problem Solving Communication and Innovation

Graduates of the MSc in Knowledge Management will expected to employ their knowledge and intellectual skills to help the organisations in which they work to convert ideas into products, services or processes or add to deeper knowledge and information of benefit to the organisation. As practitioners, they may work for a wide variety of organisations. Within a given organisation, knowledge management projects in such organisations will be many and varied. As practitioners, graduates will constantly be challenged to become familiar with many and varied organisational domains and processes undertaken in these domains. They will also consistently be challenged to remain up to date with new innovations in computing which may be applicable to knowledge management. In addition, they may be involved in scoping and assessing the feasibility of knowledge management initiatives.

It is therefore essential that they are equipped with the skills necessary to undertake such research and develop research proposals for a knowledge management projects. This will be achieved by developing the studentís abilities to locate relevant research resources and to be able to critically analyse them. Their expanded critical analysis abilities will be used to evaluate a range of research literature and research methods. The student will learn how to successfully manage their research processes and how to scope a research project. In addition the student will be equipped with the necessary skills to employ all of the above with additional technical writing tools and skills to write a research proposal.

This module broadly covers three categories:

  1. Research Methodologies

  2. Data Analysis Techniques

  3. Research Proposal Writing

The Research Methodologies element will expose the students to a range of approaches in undertaking research in the field of Knowledge Management. The students will be expected to critically analyse and synthesise appropriate research literature. The student will also be provided with an understanding of the requirements of a Masters level project.

The Data Analysis element will expose the student to both Quantitative and Qualititative approaches to describing and summarizing data that has been collected. The students will be expected to identify and utilize correct analysis techniques for a range of Knowledge-Based scenarios.

The Proposal Writing element will develop the studentís skills in planning and constructing research proposals providing students an understanding of the requirements of a Masters Dissertation proposal addressing issues such as scope and technical writing.


Essential Reading

S. Rumsey, 2004, How to find Information, Open University Press.


John W. Creswell, 2002, Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches, SAGE Publications.


Supplemental Reading

Estelle Philips, Derek Pugh, 1994, How to Get a PhD, Open University Press.

Derek Rowntree, 1989, How to Manage your Boss, Penguin.


Web references, journals and other sources

Library Research Services, Research Methods Portal,



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