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DT 209/DT 217 MSc in Computing
(Knowledge Management)

(1 year fulltime/2 years part-time)



Case Studies in Knowledge Management


Module Code

Module Type

ECTS Points

1 Semester

Contact Hours

Four Saturdays over a semester


Foundations of Knowledge Management

The purpose of this module is to expand the studentís understanding of techniques employed in Knowledge Management by exposing them to a range of case studies. These case studies will include real world examples of approaches that organisations have taken to implement knowledge management solutions. Other case studies will be based on scenarios which have no a priori solutions to allow the students to create their own approach and compare it with other students.

The aim of this module is to allow the students to examine a range of case studies and understand how they are implemented in a workplace environment.

This module will not employ traditional teaching methods. Rather it will employ more innovative, Student-based learning methods to allow the Student to learn by discussion and exploration as much as possible. New material may be presented in the form of seminars however all contact periods will be opportunities to discuss and clarify the material and to put it into a more cogent and coherent framework.

Students will be able to explore the characteristics, advantages and limitations of approaches learnt through the use of case studies, the use of simulation, problem-solving and role-play exercises and through working in groups. In some cases Students will be expected to use computer-based learning material to supplement studies Students will be able to explore the characteristics, advantages and limitations of approaches learnt through their application to suitable case studies.

The content will consist of worked out case studies as well as new problems. The worked out case studies will include but are not restricted to the following;

o    The Holcim Learning System

o    The BRL Hardy Business Model

o    Deutsche Bank Risk Management System

o    Unisys Switzerland Customer System

o    Seimens Industrial Services

o    Infineon Technologies KECnetworking

o    KnowledgeSharing@MED

o    The ShareNet Knowledge Management System

Other Cases will include the following areas: Real Estate, Web Content Mining, Product Quality Analysis, Early Fault Detection in Medical Environments, Expertise Location and eLearning.


Essential Reading

 Tom Davenport, Gilbert J.B. Probst , 2002, Knowledge Management Case Book: Siemens Best Practice, 2nd ed., Wiley

Marcus Leibold, Gilbert J.B. Probst, Michael Gibbert , 2005, Strategic Management in the Knowledge Management Economy: New Approaches and Business Applications, Wiley

Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Avelino Gonzalez ,2004, Knowledge Management, Prentice Hall.


Supplemental Reading

Elias Awad, Hassan Ghaziri, 2003, Knowledge Management, Prentice Hall,

Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell, 2004, Learning to Fly: Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organisations, Wiley


Web references, journals and other sources

Web References

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